Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is now very widely accepted and is already in use in dental practice all over the world. This presentation will demonstrate how this modality can provide the dentist with useful diagnostic information which can be integrated with other advanced modalities to produce computer generated surgical guides that can allow the operator to surgically apply the predetermined treatment plan for different surgical and prosthetic applications that are difficult or even impossible to obtain by conventional methods.

In this presentation, computer guided implant surgery will be discussed in details from A to Z, starting from the CBCT scanning protocol which differs according to the type of support from which the computer generated surgical stent will get its support till the drilling protocol and types of drilling systems and techniques used in these types of surgeries. Also in this presentation the types of computer generated surgical stents will be highlighted. Surgical stents differs according to the type of support and also according to the drilling technique, Moreover the precautions that should be made during the surgical protocol will be discussed in details as well as the differences between the conventional surgical protocol and the computer guided methods. Finally, other applications of digital dentistry will be mentioned briefly 




Khaled Ekram


Computer Guided Implant Surgery

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